Dust Covered Carpet

Dust Covered Carpet
Experimental Modern Folk Pop
Volker Buchgraber – Vocals, guitars, lyricist, percussion
Julia Luiki – Violin, glockenspiel, percussion, flutes, BV’s
Katharina Pfiel – Accordion, clarinet, flutes, percussion, BV’s
Magdalena Adamski – Cello, flutes, percussion, BV’s
Armin Buchgraber – Drums, guitars, percussion, BV’s

For more information on Dust Covered Carpet:
http://www.beatismurder.com (CD is available for ordering)

Interviewer: Hawk Chavez

Recently, I got the honour of interviewing this highly talented band from Austria, about their dreams and passion; hope you enjoy the read.

(Note- two questions were combined)

MG: How did the name Dust Covered Carpet come about?

DCC: Most of the songs were written and recorded by Volker on the carpet in his flat in Vienna. It is very dusty.

MG: When was your band formed?

DCC: The band as it is now, was founded in April 2007, but the whole project was started in 2003 with solo recordings and gigs and also with an ever changing army of background musicians, friends and family.

MG: What is everyone’s band position?

DCC: As of now Volker does the songwriting, composition and live he plays the guitar, mouth harp and sings. Julia is our violinist, and also does the glockenspiel, melodica and flutes. Katharina joins in with accordion, clarinet and transverse flute. Armin is our drummer and second guitar player. And last but very not least Magdalena plays the cello or flutes, though we are all very flexible with the order of using the instruments. Everyone sings background vocals, does percussions, whistles, stomps their feet, etc.

MG: How did you all the band members meet?

DCC: Volker and Armin are brothers, everyone else was found on the way.

MG: Have you guys played any shows?

DCC: Sure! Tons. But only close to home so far…

MG: What do you want your fans to get from your music?

DCC: We would like them to learn to listen closely and recognize the worth of little things (in life and music), and to realize the importance of feelings.

MG: How would you describe your music?

DCC: It is rather hard to describe but it could be called, melodic- dramatic- harmonic folk pop.

MG: In today’s music, who inspires you the most?

DCC: No one in particular, but the band tends to listen to all sorts of music from Indie Rock to old folk songs, musicals, experimental music in general, local bands and bands from our label (Beat Is Murder Records).

MG: What is the driving force and main storyline behind your music?

DCC: Everyday experiences, dreams, fears, love, boredom and friendship.

MG: On the band’s site, it is stated that the band’s line-up constantly changes; can you explain the purpose of the spontaneous changing?

DCC: As we stated before, the band has been going through some construction work with all the people that have been involved in the whole process of Volker’s songwriting, composing and live performances. We are always open towards new ideas and people with a hand for any other instrument that has not yet been included in the band.

MG: What is your ultimate direction for your band?

DCC: Phew. Lots of things, but nothing to far in the future. Right now we are concentrating on playing more live shows but there are several plans for new releases in the nearer future. Soon we will bomb the record stores with a split 7” vinyl with Liger and the next album is planned to come out in mid 2009. Also we have just purchased a band bus and need to spread our music by selling our recent album “Rerededust The Doubts I Trust” everywhere, and play more and more and bigger and bigger and bigger shows.

DCC: We had fun doing this interview.

MG: Thank you for the opportunity of letting me interview you all, it was fun indeed and the best of luck to you on your musical journey.


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